Menuhin Duo

Programme Suggestions

1. 4-hand programme:

Schubert, ‘Lebensstürme’
Mozart Sonata in C major, KV 521
Debussy ‘Petite Suite’


Mozart Andante and Variations KV 501
Brahms Variations on a theme by R. Schumann op. 23
Schubert Variations in an Original Theme in A flat major, op. 35 D 813

2. Schubert soirée

Variations in an Original Theme in A flat major, Op. 35, D 813

3. 2-piano, 4-hand programme

Mozart-Busoni Fantasia for musical clock work K.608
Debussy ‘ Trois Nocturnes’
Schubert Fantasie


Mozart Sonata for 2 pianos KV 448
Brahms Variations on a theme by J. Haydn, op.56b

4. Concertos

J.S. Bach in C major BWV 1061
J.S. Bach in c minor BWV 1060
Mozart in E-flat KV 365

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